Behind the Scenes at the Cody & Co Autumn/Winter 19 Photoshoot

Ever wondered what goes into staging a fashion photoshoot? We go behind the scenes for two days on location in London and Salisbury to see first-hand what goes into the Cody & Co photoshoot for the Autumn and Winter 2019 collection.

Nothing left to chance, everything is carefully planned and prepared to ensure it all goes smoothly on the day and everyone is in the right place at the right time.

1. Location – we were blessed with 2 fabulous locations in London and Salisbury, along with some good luck with the weather. 

2. Models – James and Jhonathan, fun, professional and stylish throughout.

3. A talented photographer and stylist, along with a large supply of props and outfits – a huge thanks to Mango bikes for the supply of one of their bikes and to Pippin the dog for supplying the cuteness factor. Although it is true what they say “never work with children or animals…”

4. And, finally, Product – well it wouldn’t have worked without it!

It’s a Wrap! A massive thanks to everyone involved, it’s been a fun and exhausting couple of days.