Where Phil Cody Gets His Inspiration

We find out where Phil Cody, founder and brainchild of Cody & Co, gets his inspiration.

To celebrate the launch of Cody & Co we caught up with Phil Cody, founder and brainchild of Cody & Co, to find out more about the brand and what inspired him to launch Cody & Co.

How long have you worked in footwear?

I’ve been in footwear for over 26 years, starting my career on Clarks International Management Training scheme. I ran Clarks Shops for five years, before moving to the Private Label (supply) side of footwear, working at FT International, Rockport and Browning Enterprises as Account and Channel Managers. In 2009, I launched Phoenix Footwear, developing, sourcing and supplying Men’s footwear from Europe, China, Vietnam and India to major UK retailers.

What inspired you to create Cody & Co?

To build something lasting. To pour 26 years of experience, ideas and inspiration into my own brand. To develop beautiful product for everyone, made in the UK, in the best materials.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspirations are broad. I love Italian brands, materials and style. The way that when you walk through Milan every guy heading to work has thought through what he is wearing, nothing left to chance. The attention to well cut, simple clothes and premium leather shoes always leaves an impression. I have tried to embody these elements into the opening range for Cody & Co, to get the effortless style through close attention to the last shapes and high grade materials that speak for themselves.

In business I admire my Grandfather for arriving in the UK from Canada in the early sixties with his wife, five kids and no job and go on to build a successful import business.

Whilst there is much to despair of on the UK high street right now I think that the success and growth of the Dune business under Daniel Rubin’s leadership demonstrates the long term benefits of putting product first at all times.

I think it is hard not to admire the way the Burberry brand was turned around in the early noughties and with their early and wholesale embrace of the digital space they have been a huge inspiration for us at the start of our own digital journey.

How do you see Cody & Co differentiating themselves from other shoe brands?

Our products seek to combine the excellence of British craftsmanship with an Italian handwriting. Whilst our online proposition is not just our selling platform, it is the structure that underpins our product specification, enabling us to invest in higher grade materials and treatments to create incredible value from what would have otherwise paid for business rents, rates and third party wholesale margin contribution.