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Shoe Care

Suede Leathers

Janus Calf is easy to maintain as there is some inherent water resistance in the leather tanning process.

General suede guidance for all suede types; it is important that if the suede is wet, the shoes should be dried at room temperature and not with a direct heat source, such as a radiator. Shoes will retain their shape best if dried with shoe trees inserted. The suede surface (nap) can then be brushed down with a suede brush.


Remove dirt when dry, and brush up the nap using a suede brush. Brush the suede lightly unless removing stubborn marks and place the shoe on a soft surface when brushing. Always brush the nap of the suede in one direction.

If the nap of your item looks tired and flattened all over, hold it above a gentle steam source for a few seconds and then proceed to brush.

In order to preserve the shape of your shoes, it is recommended to insert shoe trees after wear. Shoe trees will not only preserve the shape of your shoe, but also absorb moisture and ensure that your shoes wear evenly by retaining their original shape.

When putting your shoes on, it is recommended to use a shoe horn to protect the heel from crushing.

Water Damage

For wet suede, use a sponge or dry cloth to soak up any excess water. Dab gently until the suede is evenly wet. Leave the shoes overnight in a dry, well-ventilated area. Once dry (or while they're drying) go over the shoes lightly with a suede brush. Never put a suede item next to a heater.


All of our leathers are best cared for using a shoe cream to restore colour and clean the leather. Lighter colours should be treated with the natural cream.

For very soft nappa leathers (such as the Bressingham Saddle Loafer) it is recommended to use a neutral cream.

Shoe creams and polishes are best applied using a soft applicator brush.

As with all suedes and leathers, when wet, do not dry using a direct heat source. For best preservation of the leather allow shoes to dry at room temperature and use shoe trees to help the shoe retain the shape of your shoe during drying.